Here, I’ve collated a list of some invaluable resources that I find myself returning to constantly. Those that are affiliates are identified by an asterisk. If there are any that you find helpful and think should be added to the list, please feel free to email me; I would love to explore and experience new tools!


Testing Mom*: Helps you help your child prep for any state exams. There is a monthly subscription that you can sign up for. They provide testing questions based on the state you live in, the key subjects you want to focus on, and obviously the age group that is important to me. They even have 100 free questions for you to review!


Kids Discover Online*: For as low as $4/month, you have access to over 1,000 resources to teach Science and Social Studies. I’m trained to teach English and I can get by with basic math, but I would really need help with teaching Science and Social Studies because they are not my forte. If the same goes for you, I suggest you sign up and check out some of their lessons!

Melissa & Doug*: We love Melissa and Doug toys in this house! Serena absolutely loves their puzzles, especially the map of the United States. Right now, you can shop a large selection of baby & toddler toys at Melissa & Doug and use the code PLAY15 at checkout for discount on outdoor toys!

Melissa and Doug

The Official LEGO Shop:* I know what you’re thinking. “How is a toy like Legos a teaching resource?” Well, did you know that Legos are known to build curiosity in kids aged 4+? They boast an entire Education line that promotes building essential life skills in preK kids and teaches older kids about real-world technology and how machines work. They are toys that have a purpose!


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