Planning for 2018

I’m super organized and thrive on lists. I was a teacher before but then transitioned to project management so I have the transferable skills of being organized like a teacher and planning like a project manager.

Sometimes, I’m really extra with my organization and planning. Like, I meal plan on Fridays, getting my list together of what I need for my menu. I then shop on Saturdays and cook on Sundays. Welllll, I don’t always cook on Sunday but I try to so that I can get ahead of the game for the week.

I do use a lot of apps to help me remember things when I’m on the go, but I generally like to stick to paper and pencil when it comes to planning. I read once in a book that writing things down helps you envision your plan, which, in turn, helps you activate that plan.

On Sunday mornings, while Sanj is playing with the kids after we have breakfast, I run down to the office and clear my head of everything that happened last week and look ahead. I focus on what needs to still get done from last week and what takes priority this week. This allows me to be productive at home, in business, and the blog.

That’s why I’ve created a daily and weekly planner to help me (and you guys) in planning for 2018. You can get the free planner by subscribing and logging in. 

We do have a lot of great things in store for 2018. And quiet honestly, none of them can happen unless we visualize it and write it down. I hope this planner helps you as it has helped me!

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