• Do you have so many ideas and no clue how to organize them?
  • Are you taking into consideration the different ways people absorb information and learn?
  • Do you have a passion to write but no clarity on execution?
  • Can you confirm your eBook/eCourse solves a problem with an identified solution?

How I can Help

As an editor, I can be a sounding board for your ideas and help you organize the book/course in a way that makes sense for the learner. As a learning & development consultant, I work with leaders on improving their impact throughout their organizations. We’ll review your product to ensure that it is appealing to various learning types and solving a problem your readers have. We can work on ways that you can make your writing sound more sophisticated, while still maintaining your personal voice. My goal here is to make your readers understand the message you want to communicate while being true to who you are.


After you schedule an initial consultation and respond to a short e-mail questionnaire, we’ll discuss your pain points and tips on how you can become a better writer. If you like my tips and would like for me to edit an eBook or eCourse for you, we can schedule a one-on-one review session. I will edit your eBook or eCourse for you, checking for grammar, syntax, and word choice. I will also fact-check the content and edit all graphics. By providing you with these suggestions, you will be able to practice on future books/courses and strengthen your communication skills.  I will sign a non-disclosure agreement; if you do not have a template, I will provide one for you.


The initial consultation is free. Cost per eBook edit and eCourse edit is priced individually. Prices start at $100.