• Do you ever find yourself looking for the right words to say what you really mean?
  • Not sure how to make your writing seem more… adult?
  • Wondering when to use an Oxford comma?
  • Not sure of the difference between effect and affect?
  • Want to say something without offending your reader?

How I Can Help

As a Blog Editor and Writing Coach, I can help you communicate your thoughts clearly and precisely. We can work on ways that you can make your writing sound more sophisticated, while still maintaining your personal voice. My goal here is to make your readers understand the message you want to communicate while being true to who you are.


After you schedule an initial consultation and respond to a short e-mail questionnaire, we’ll discuss your pain points and tips on how you can become a better writer. If you like my tips and would like for me to edit a post for you, we can schedule a one-on-one review session. I will edit a blog post for you, checking for grammar, syntax, and word choice. By providing you with these suggestions, you will be able to practice on future posts and strengthen your communication skills.  I will sign a non-disclosure agreement; if you do not have a template, I will provide one for you.


The initial consultation is free. Editing a post will cost $35.00 per post. You must be willing to sign a Payment in Good Faith Agreement.