hi! I’m Mish

Welcome to tiffindrama.

Thank you for joining my little corner of the internet over here! I started tiffindrama as a creative outlet. I became a SAHM and started engaging my kids in play-learning and homeschooling more; I felt it needed to be documented, not just for me and the kids for later in life, but also for other moms that are in the same boat as me: just trying to keep moving. After months of toying with the idea and finally hushing the “no one cares” and “there’s a million of these blogs out there” thoughts, tiffindrama was finally born! hurray!

My goal through this blog is three-fold:

a  help provide engaging solutions for play-learning with your kids

a  provide recipes that are quick and delicious

a  help moms of multiples or moms with large families get and stay organized

I want to provide you with ideas and solutions for learning and cooking. Yes, there are times I feel like my kids should entertain themselves and just be bored. But, there are also times I know they need to be engaged, learn to be curious, thrive. Every day, I gear our activities to finding the right balance between “figure it out for yourself” and “let’s learn something together.”

Oh, and that whole thing about food? Gosh, have you seen this video? Sanj and I have had that dramatic conversation way too many times, leading to Wendy’s for dinner countless times. In an effort to avoid that, I’ve started collating recipes that take 30 mins or less. You’re welcome.

By background, I have experience as a teacher of kids with special needs and a corporate learning & development project manager. I am so so passionate about teaching and learning. Lots of that going on up in this house!

That, and laundry. Ugh, that is really the bane of my existence (Side note: my husband says I have a flair of drama [read: I’m a drama queen] but like laundry? really, laundry? tell me you love it. I dare you.).

Since we just had twins, we’re figuring out what works best for our family. We have a good team at home and everyone does his/her part so I’m hoping to provide some tips for any moms in the same shoes as me. I’m not an expert, by any means. I’m learning the ropes of what it means to be a mom, a wife, and even me every day.

Speaking of me and my dreams and goals, none of this here is really possible without the help of my husband, Sanj. He is not just the coding and computer genius, but he’s my number one cheerleader and supporter. He works long, crazy hours and manages our other business; but he never, ever tires. He cares deeply and is so passionate about his kids and life. Also about me because I’m the bomb dot com <3



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