12 Days of Christmas Activities: Day 11

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Did you know this is my first Christmas hosting, ever? We usually do Thanksgiving, but because of logistics, my sister and I decided to switch this year. Now I totally get the Holiday stress that moms feel. You’re trying your best everyday to do the regular mom thing, and now, on top of that, you have to buy, wrap, and hide said presents. Then you have to meal plan, take into consideration everyone’s dietary restrictions, go grocery shopping with three toddlers that refuse to sit in a cart, and then proceed to cook as they nap. It’s exhausting, man.

I have literally printed out hundreds of these worksheets to keep Serena entertained so I can get things done while the boys nap. It’s been fun!

Today’s free Christmas printable can be found here. It’s an activity that focuses on a “search” for Christmas. You’ll see what I mean when you download it! It’s a really easy way for preschoolers to learn how identify themes. Oooo! That sounds do grown up, doesn’t it? Next thing you know, they’ll be off to college and grad school, writing a thesis!

HMB while I grab some tissues. LOLJK, I don’t drink and I still need to wrap presents and bake some cookies!

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